Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Welcome To ICT Extension 2015

I am looking forward to teaching ICT this year. We will be making exciting movies, informative radio shows and learning how to use computers wisely. Lets use technology as an effective learning tool! How do I do that you may ask? Well it is easy - Every time you use computer have a focus and every 5 minutes ask yourself am I still focussed. Its easy to be distracted it is a craft to stay focussed. You can do it.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Winners - Boom Crash Bang, No Helmet No Brain!

A catchy scooter safety campaign featuring the slogan ''would have been dead but I protected my head'' has proved to be a winner for Avalon Intermediate pupils.

From more than 500 entries nationwide, the Avalon pupils' ''Boom, Crash, Bang'' theme video, radio and print advertisements were judged the best in the Safekids Creative Quest competition.
Safekids is a national injury-prevention servce and the contest, with a tagline 'No Helmet. No Brain!', organisation's effort to do something about the number of children injuried while on a scooter.
Last year there were more than 7,500 scooter-related ACC injury claims, costing taxpayers almost $2 million.
Pupils were asked to put together multi-media advertisements to get across the idea that wearing safety helmets was not only sensible but cool.
Pupils from music classes at Avalon Intermediate got involved, and in total about 40 pupils 11 and 12-years-olds contributed.
Leading by example was music teacher Paascalino Schaller, who says he was speechless when he first heard the school's entry had been named best in New Zealand.
''I was pretty overwhelmed, what really took me back was that we won both [the video and radio sections].''
Pupils came up with the catchy 'Boom, crash, bang' hook through in-class brainstorming sessions.
''They each had to write a little two-lined rhyme. I pulled them altogether to make a complete poem.''
Once the lyrics were written and the voices and music were recorded on  GarageBand software, it took two days to shoot the video clip.
Mr Schaller sayd he did not realise how hard the students had worked until he reviewed the oodles of footage they had captured together.
He says it was tough having to pick which students would star in the ads and just had to go for those with the clearest voices.
Crychton Comp, 11, says he has learnt a lot from being a part of the project. ''Everyone got into it,'' he says.
The best part was that everyone worked together and Crychton says he is now well aware of the need to ''to protect your brain''.
Safekids director Ann Weaver says many of the hundreds of entries that came it were wonderful, but Avalon Intermediate's was especially memorable.
It is hoped that the 'No Helmet. No Brain!' campaign will be released early next year.
Avalon Intermediate won $7000 in prize money/ Mr Schaller and his pupils hope some of it will go towards new music equipment or a new recording station. 
The school is gaining something of a reputation for smart videos and catchy music: Two months ago pupils won first prize in a section of the national Dance4Asthma competition after filming themselves doing moonwalking and roboting dance moves.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Movie Making

We have been learning how we can use movies making to help us learn new things, here is an example of this. Check it out

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

ICT Extension, Website creation update

hi people,  at the moment the ICT crew are creating there very own websites!AWESOME! they are all about different things like our school (A.I.S) or the radio station (AIS 88fm). It is so fun being in control of your very own website and creating it into the style you want!!!!!!!! Everyone's website is tottally different and there all very cool!!!!!!
Talk to ya later.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Kiaora and welcome to the AIS ICT blog page! There are many exciting things going on in ICT at the moment. Year 8 students have been learning how to use photoshop to create professional looking posters. Here is a sneak preview of a poster made to advertise the new and exciting AIS radio station.

Here are some fantastic links if you want to do some Literacy learning at home: